Premium Solution

Our Premium Solution is aimed at customers with a focus on capacity, productivity, quality and utilisation of the raw material in their daily work.

LUJA® Premium solution

Premium Solution is a service contract based on operating results, where Luja takes responsibility for the optimal performance of an agreed section of production – naturally in close cooperation with the customer.

Our fee is directly linked to the number of m³ produced, making it in our common interest to continually focus on improvements that lead to better operating results. This form of payment also allows you to precisely budget your maintenance costs on the section of production Luja is responsible for.

Premium Solution extends Service Solution, essentially containing the same services. The key difference is that we have responsibility for production, and for your equipment always performing optimally.

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Luja Premium Solution
Luja Premium Solution

Continual monitoring and adjustment

Under a Premium Solution, we continue to minimise production stops and other disruptions by looking at your saw line holistically. We immediately implement minor changes and adjustments when we can see the potential to produce more m³ or otherwise improve bandsaw operations.

We monitor and report on production month by month and continually supply consumables. We visit production several times a year for monitoring and inspection and to carry out service, such as alignment, wheel grinding, replacement of worn equipment, functionality checks, etc.

We respond to specific needs rather than following fixed service intervals – we are on site whenever we suspect something is not operating as it should.

Close dialogue with your team

To get the best results from our cooperation, we like to maintain close dialogue with your team of operators and service technicians responsible for daily operation of the saw. This ensures the team is always up to date and is performing the necessary tasks to keep the saws in top form.

We also expect close dialogue with the tool supplier, as with joint forces we can often give production an extra boost.

Best solution on the market

Our Premium Solution means you avoid expensive variations in productivity, because our team of specialists, focusing exclusively on the 'heart' of production, discovers and responds quickly to minor deviations.
This makes Premium Solution the best service solution for sawmills on the market.

If you would like to hear more about a Premium Solution contract, please contact Director Søren Luja Hansen.

Luja Premium Solution

Our focus areas:

  • The best possible utilisation of the raw material
  • Capacity and productivity
  • Avoidance of unscheduled blade changes
  • Fewer operational interruptions
  • More running hours between major service stops
  • Higher accessibility and achievable runtime

Contact LUJA Sawtech

If you are considering upgrading your production plant or need service for your saws, you are welcome to contact us.

The earlier in the process we are involved, the greater the benefit you will receive from our expertise.