CNC controlled wheel grinding and balancing

CNC controlled grinding and balancing of your bandsaw driving and idle wheels - still mounted on the machine - is the most efficient and time-saving solution.

Luja CNC controlled wheel grinding and balancing

The condition of the wheels and crowning are of critical importance for the saw's performance and operational reliability.

Worn wheels cause more saw blade ruptures, fewer operational hours per saw blade as well as reduced capacity on the saw. When saw blade and wheel fit perfectly together, that is when the saw is most productive. And that is the reason why it pays off to trim the wheels for constant optimal performance.

Patented CNC tool

Luja uses a patented mobile CNC tool machine, which by use of diamond tools can machine or grind the bandsaw driving and idle wheels with the correct crowning - while they are still on the machine.
This method has a number of advantages:

  • Fast and capacity saving compared to other methods
  • High degree of precision in the processing - tolerances within 0.01 mm
  • Crowning performed with radius and not compound lines
  • Freedom to program the most optimal crowning
  • Very clean process - no dust and dirt from cutting
Luja Onsite CNC controlled wheel grinding and balancing


When the wheels have been re-crowned, an unbalance will inevitably occur in the wheels. If this unbalance spreads to the constructions and saw blades, the performance of the saw is reduced.

Luja will therefore always perform computer controlled balancing on-site as a normal part of the crowning process.

The result

  • The saw blade is more stable on the wheels during operation, even during heavy stress.
  • Lower consumption of saw blades and fewer problems with cracks.
  • Speed and operational reliability can be increased, which means more sawed meters per hour.
  • Crowning with radius results in more running hours before re-crowning.
Luja CNC controlled wheel grinding and balancing

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