HYRO® bandsaw guide

Brilliant control of the saw blade on small bandsaws with blade widths from 4-40 mm.

HYRO® bandsaw guide

HYRO® bandsaw guide is a patented product that extends the life of the saw blade and improves the level of precision on demanding jobs.

The HYRO® guide controls the saw blade 100% during cutting. The saw blade cannot move while in the subject, as the rotating guide controls sides and rear side in one motion.

Your advantages by choosing the rotating HYRO® bandsaw guide

  • Increased productivity in demanding jobs
  • Higher degree of precision
  • Increased safety - the saw blade does not break as easily
  • Prolonged life on saw blades
  • Less or no after treatment of the cut item
HYRO® bandsaw guide

Several forms of mounting fixtures:

HYRO® bandsaw guide mounting fixtures

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