Moelven Trysil AS

Higher speed and better quality

LUJA has renovated a saw and delivered a RE-NEW saw to Moelven Trysil, which has meant that the resaw mill now produces much more and is far more reliable.

The Norwegian planing mill Moelven Trysil AS goes back to July 7, 1917. They did not, however, start cooperating with Luja this early, but since 2005, Luja has delivered a number of services to the planing mill, which has resulted in an improvement in production.

Among other things, Luja has improved the lubrication/scraping system and grinded the wheels during renovation of an older saw. Luja has also delivered a RE-NEW saw for the new resaw mill with a new feeder, stronger wheels and new electric control. In addition, the Norwegian resaw mill uses Luja Bio oil.

-We run considerably higher amounts of timber through our system and at a higher speed than we have been used to with our band saws, says Øyvind Løvåsen, department manager at Moelven Trysil.

He explains:
- We have a better flow in production, which simply runs more reliably now. We also have fewer problems with the saw blade, it doesn’t crack or snake anymore, he says.

Moelven Trysil case

Great oil for planers and saws

Moelven Trysil has also chosen to use Luja Bio-Oil to lubricate and clean planers and saws. The oil has a number of great characteristics and it isn’t as hard on the machines as other oils tend to be. Overall, Øyvind Løvåsen is very pleased with his cooperation with Luja and did not have any reservations choosing Luja as their supplier.

Moelven Trysil case

- We heard about another of their jobs in Norway, says Øyvind Løvåsen. Contact was made to Luja and a long and solid teamwork has developed in regard to the band saw.

- Cooperating with Luja has resulted in a reliable band saw at our resaw mill, he says.
Øyvind Løvåsen particularly mentions that Luja delivers well-considered solutions that give you a band saw that works well for several years without needless stops or problems.
Nor he has any reservations in terms of recommending Luja to others.

- Yes, Søren Luja Hansen knows his job, says Øyvind Løvåsen.

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Moelven Trysil AS was founded on July 7, 1917 and was ready for operation one year later. During the first years, the company’s only activity was a sawmill, but already in 1921, they bought the first planer. Today, Moelven Trysil has 48 employees.

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Until 2005, the company was owned by the municipality of Trysil. After this, Forest Invest AS, a union of Trysil Kommunale skove KF and Trysil Vassdragets Skogeierlag Glommen BA took over.

In November 2007, Moelven took over the company under the name Moelven Trysil AS. The company was formerly known as Trysil Komm. Sag og Høvleri, Trysil-Tre and Trysil Skog AS.

Moelven Trysil AS works in spruce as well as pine. The planing mill’s own processing facility handles as much as 75-80% of the wood from the sawmill, which means that the company offers a wide range of processed products in addition to export of different wooden products.

Annual raw wood consumption: 130,000 m³ wood
Total processing in planing mill: approx. 52,000 m³
Treated products: approx. 22,000 m³

The work that Luja A/S performed:

Luja has delivered a Canali ML1100 Twin - RE-NEW to Moelven Trysil. It has been rebuilt to its current capacity of 90 m/min. at a cut height of 150 mm.

Equipment such as new feeding cassettes, blade lubrication system, blade guides, control panels as well as wheels on one side have been mounted.

The machine table has been renovated and changed from hydraulics to air, the lines of the saw have been aligned and we have coordinated the installation and commissioning.

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