Derome Anneberg

Luja trimmed the old band saw

Derome knew Luja from previous jobs, and Luja's commitment to the task meant that the company landed yet another major job from the Swedish company's branch Annebergsågen.

Should we renovate the band saw or simply buy a new one?

This was the question that Elias Brag, branch manager at the planing mill Derome Annebergsågen AB, had to ask himself, when the old band saw started failing.

The answer was that the old saw was renovated and trimmed in cooperation with Luja.

- Luja has renovated an old band saw here at Annebergsågen and we also purchased a feeding mechanism from Luja, says Elias Brag.

Annebergsågen is a part of Derome, a group that also previously has purchased services from Luja.

Derome Anneberg case

- We have known the company for a couple of years and we have also previously used them. But this job was the biggest so far. LUJA has a great reputation and we have only had positive experiences, says Elias Brag and elaborates:

- Søren Luja engages himself fully in making the machinery work in the best possible way and this is also what we have come to expect from him.

Derome Anneberg case

Higher speed

The result is also evident this time.

- We didn't need to buy a new band saw. Trimming the old one was enough and Luja also helped us getting the saw started again after the renovation, he says.

- The band saw generally runs much better now than before the renovation. We can operate at much higher speed, the cutting surface is finer and our operating hours are longer, tells Elias Brag.

It is, however, hard to say when the investment has paid off. And even though the feeding mechanism gave us a little bit of trouble in the start, the saw generally works well.

Therefore, Elias Brag has no doubts as to what Luja's expertise is.

- Luja is very good with the band saw in general. Our expectations have been met and I can warmly recommend him.

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The company Derome was founded by the carpenter Karl Andersson in 1947 with one single circular saw. Today, Derome is one of the leading sawmill industries in Southern Sweden.

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Annebergsågen is a branch under Derome and their annual output is 70-80,000 m³ pine wood, of which approx. 60,000 m³ is planed.

Annebergsågen has their own planing mill and a pressure preservation system where a majority of the production is being handled. Anneberg is situated close to Göteborg and sells a major part of their products to the Western parts of Sweden. In addition, the company exports to countries like North Africa and Great Britain.

Annebergsågen was founded in 1947 by the brothers Bertil and Ake Ericson. They started out with fish boxes and in 1955, they started manufacturing small huts. Later, they advanced to pre-fabricated houses for DIY builders.

In 1981, the Derome group took over Anneberg and massive investments have since then helped increase the capacity considerably.

The work that Luja A/S performed:

At Anneberg Sågen, Luja has repositioned, upgraded and rebuilt a Jonsered BKM Twin. We have, among other things, re-crowned the wheels, constructed a new blade guide and mounted new lubrication/scraping system.

The machine table has been renovated and we have mounted new feeding cassettes. We have worked on making the area around the saw easily accessible and we have designed a new chip funnel. Luja has had the main responsibility for the saw project in close cooperation with local people and Anneberg's own staff.

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