Luja develops and improves components and machines that optimize the yield on your bandsaw.

Luja Blade Guide System™

In our experience, the challenges our customers face are not always solved with the solutions that are available in the market. This is why we have made it our speciality to develop alternative solutions in cooperation with our customers; solutions that suit their needs and expectations better.

We take pride in delivering a readily available and well-considered project, where the customer sees that the saw produces without interruptions.

A Luja construction is a machine part that Luja develops and constructs. Special constructions help upgrade the saw and often, the saw can this way compete with a brand-new machine and allow the customer to hold on to his existing saw.

Examples of in-house developed constructions:

  • Blade guides - console as well as fixtures where the guide block fits in
  • Blade scraper to keep shavings away from blade and wheel
  • Feeding cassettes with 3, 4 or 6 rollers
  • Self-centering machine table to feed the wood past the blade with a higher degree of precision
  • Twin tensiometer for measuring of blade tension
  • Blade lubrication system and oil dosing system
  • Self-calibrating automatic control and complete control panels for the saw

The benefits of a Luja construction may be

  • Higher product quality
  • More manufactured meters
  • Faster change of size
  • Simple service and maintenance

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We would also like to help you with construction improvements that can optimize the yield of your bandsaw. Feel free to contact us for a non-committal talk about the possible solutions at +45 63 32 00 11.

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