Luja Bio-Oil

The choice of oil is crucial to machine performance, end-product quality – and ultimately the bottom line.

Luja Bio-Oil

Luja Bio Oil is our very own specially developed oil based on many years’ experience with different types of oil.

Luja Bio Oil is a carefully balanced product that meets the demands and conditions of modern production, improving bandsaw or planer efficiency.

Unique properties – unique results

  • The oil forms an extra smooth surface on the saw blade and wheel, which prevents chips and shavings from getting stuck - this means that the oil also protects the wheels from wear.
  • The high carrying capacity and good adhesive qualities provide the maximum protection against wear and reduces the oil consumption.
  • The oil reduces friction between the saw blade and blade guide and prevents deposits, which extends the life of the saw bands.
  • Clean wheels and a thin layer of oil between the surfaces will reduce the noise level.
  • The friction-reducing qualities of the oil lead to reduced heat generation.
  • A high flashpoint temperature of 182°C reduces the risk of fire.
LUJA Bio Oil stock

Pure biologically degradable oil

  • great for machines, staff and the environment
  • fewer obnoxious smells and skin problems for the staff
  • results in cleaner by-products from production
  • no smudging on the wood during normal use
  • does not disintegrate the paint on the machines like other acidic oils
  • no damage on cables and hydraulic hoses

Use and storage

Luja Bio-Oil can be added through most types of lubrication systems.
The most effective method is, however, to add the oil to wheels and saw blade via felt pads.

  • Luja Bio-Oil is a need oil and is not mixable with water
  • no special disposal or storage requirements
  • complies with the requirements of the REACH directive (European requirements for handling of chemicals)

Day-to-day delivery - large stock

Luja Bio-Oil is delivered in:

  • Canisters - 25 and 60 liters
  • Barrels - 210 liters
  • IBC container - 1070 liters
  • Tank truck - as agreed

Luja Bio-Oil variants

SH 02 : The most commonly used type of oil for the softwood industry in Scandinavia.
SH 05 : Thin oil used where the oil is stored and used around freezing point or below.
SH 12 : Used where the raw material has a high content of plant juice/water. More acidic than our other variants.

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If you wish more information about our special developed Luja Bio-Oil, do not hesitate to contact us for references, prices, delivery, special needs etc. tel. +45 63 32 00 11.

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