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Expect more from your bandsaws

For 20 years, Luja Sawtech has taught sawmills and planing mills to expect more from their band saws. Through a holistic view of the entire process and the individual factors influencing optimal operation, we refine the result. It's about respecting and utilizing the available resources to the best possible extent.

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Luja Blade Guide System-unit

The next generation of blade guides for bandsaws

Luja Blade Guide System

Allow us to present our new and patent pending system for the precise guiding of the bandsaw blade:
The Luja Blade Guide System™.
This unique system improves stability and reduces friction on the bandsaw blade. The result: Increased capacity and a safer working environment.

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We keep your production in top form

If you are considering upgrading your production plant or need service for your saws, you are welcome to contact us. The earlier in the process we are involved, the greater the benefit you will receive from our expertise.

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