We often see cooperation begin with a one-off project, such as upgrading a group of saws or an installation job. This gives you a good base for evaluating our expertise and any future cooperation.

LUJA® Project

If you choose our Project service option, we work on specific projects to implement the best solution. We guarantee the results, as these are based on thorough analysis of the given situation and our experience optimising bandsaws at Northern European sawmills since 2002.

We start by examining the saws and the production process they are part of, to establish a solid foundation for evaluating various optimisation options. The results of this analysis allow us to assess how we can best solve production challenges, and what gains you will achieve. Typical gains are improved quality, higher production volume, increased utilisation of the raw material and reduced cutting tool consumption.

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Example projects include:

  • Installing a system to keep the blade and wheels clean
  • Bandsaw upgrades (often a major undertaking)
  • Machine renovation
  • Reconstruction and specialised structures
  • Relocating saws
  • Luja Re-New

Our solutions always include thorough training for operators and maintenance crew. This ensures that the work we have done becomes well integrated into production, and that the achieved production improvements are maintained.

Luja Project

Get more out of the cooperation

Once we have implemented a project and have ensured everything is working as expected, you have various options for ongoing cooperation with Luja:

You can enter into a Service Solution agreement, whereby Luja performs service an agreed number of times each year based on a checklist, to ensure your production performance is as it should be.

If you have a large production facility, the most cost-effective option is to continue under a Premium Solution service contract, where Luja has responsibility for operating an agreed section of the plant and the associated results.

Luja Project

Our focus areas:

  • The best possible utilisation of the raw material
  • Capacity and productivity
  • Avoidance of unscheduled blade changes
  • Fewer operational interruptions
  • More running hours between major service stops
  • Higher accessibility and achievable runtime

Contact LUJA Sawtech

If you are considering upgrading your production plant or need service for your saws, you are welcome to contact us.

The earlier in the process we are involved, the greater the benefit you will receive from our expertise.