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Luja lubrication system is the future-proof solution

The independent Norwegian sawmill Begna Bruk has chosen Luja as their supplier of oil, lubrication system and oil dosing system.

- Luja lubrication system and bio oil combines into the most future-proof and state-of-the-art solution.

These are the words of Kjell Nybakke, production manager at the Norwegian sawmill Begna Bruk.

He has no doubt that the choice of Luja for oil, lubrication and oil dosing system is the right choice for the sawmill.

- We chose this lubrication system because Luja has taken lubrication one step further. With this system, we now have a complete lubrication and we are sure that every single saw gets the necessary oil, says Kjell Nybakke.

The way he sees it, there are no other lubrication systems that are capable of delivering what Luja can.

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- The other systems do not work in the same way, here we are sure that everything is lubricated properly. The other systems are old-fashioned and before, it was difficult for us to oversee whether all saws were being lubricated properly. This is a challenge, we do not have anymore, because all saws are lubricated individually, he says and continues:

- This was also the purpose of the investment, so we are really satisfied.

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Very good service

Søren Luja Hansen from Luja has been in the business for many years and he is incredibly service-minded and great to cooperate with. I actually think that this is his biggest strength, says Nybakke.

Kjell Nybakke's expectations to the cooperation have been fully met and he particularly underlines the fact that the cooperation with Luja has meant that the saws are now being lubricated properly, which is a future-proof solution for Begna Bruk.

- Good lubrication is crucial in our line of trade. And at the same time, it has become easier for us to change the saw blades, he says.

He has absolutely no doubt that others would also benefit from cooperating with Luja.

- I can absolutely recommend him to other sawmills, he says.

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Begna Bruk is a wholesale supplier for the wood industry and wood slates for laminating and laths are among the sawmill's most important products.

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Begna Bruk is an independent sawmill and at the same time the largest industrial undertaking in the Valdres area in Norway.

The sawmill's largest shareholder, Viken Skog, ensures the sawmill a good and steady supply of local raw materials to sustain the high quality.
Begna Bruk is fortunate enough to be situated in the midst of large forest areas that supply first-class round timber and the company purchases 135,000 m³ timber annually.
Begna Bruk is a company that continuously updates and optimizes their equipment and over the last years, they have invested heavily in the production.

The work that Luja A/S performed:

Luja has delivered a complete lubrication system to Begna Bruk for lubrication and cleaning of the blade on the company's nine AKE 245 saws.

We have been responsible for mounting of the system in cooperation with a local electrician and Begna's own staff. After commissioning, we have delivered crucial support, which means that the staff now understands how to fully exploit the system and ensure a visible result. Begna uses Luja Bio-Oil SH02 and the consumption of oil has been minimized considerably after installation of the new system.

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