Service Solution

Service Solution is aimed at resaw mills and small sawmills that wish to retain full responsibility for production and operating results.

LUJA® Service Solution

Under Service Solution, we perform service an agreed number of times each year based on a checklist. This ensures your production performance is as it should be, in line with jointly set parameters.

During these service visits we inspect your plant in order to identify improvements which can further optimise production. You have the final say on whether these should be implemented and when.

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Example service agreement elements:

  Sawmill Resaw mill
Inspect full functionality and perform lubrication
Clean and adjust the lubrication/scraping system and replace wear parts as required
Clean the oil dosing system and check functionality
Check and adjust blade guides
Check the condition of wheels
Inspect and check infeed/outfeed
– replace worn components and perform alignment
Perform full alignment on lines and saws  

The following elements are not normally included but can be arranged by agreement:
Wheel grinding and balancing, oil and wear parts and regular monitoring of productivity and degree of utilisation

Luja Service Solution
Luja Service Solution

Whenever we visit our customers we make a major effort to ensure the day-to-day operators know how to operate the machine and the equipment we have installed. We want our customers to have the necessary skills to handle daily maintenance, and use our expertise for more advanced tasks. Our experience has shown that this arrangement works well for resaw mills and small sawmills, where we have successfully kept production at a high level with a minimal number of production stops.

We always recommend that customers enter into a Service Solution agreement for at least the first 12 months following implementation of any major projects. This ensures that the work we have done becomes well integrated into production, and that the achieved production improvements are maintained.

Work under this agreement is always charged on a time and materials basis.

If you would like to hear more about a Service Solution agreement, please contact Luja.

Luja Project

Our focus areas:

  • The best possible utilisation of the raw material
  • Capacity and productivity
  • Avoidance of unscheduled blade changes
  • Fewer operational interruptions
  • More running hours between major service stops
  • Higher accessibility and achievable runtime

Contact LUJA Sawtech

If you are considering upgrading your production plant or need service for your saws, you are welcome to contact us.

The earlier in the process we are involved, the greater the benefit you will receive from our expertise.