Cooperation with Luja

At Luja, cooperation adheres to a plan, ensuring that the projects we initiate are based on a thorough analysis of existing conditions. This analysis provides the basis for a description of the scope of the project, an assessment of the attainable results and the financial consequences.

Cooperation with Luja

This creates a sense of security and a means of safeguarding that cooperation lives up to the customer’s individual need for involvement. We can either assume responsibility for the entire production process pegged to a long-term contract based on operating profit or we can collaborate on stand-alone projects or single orders.

Close dialogue

Despite following a plan, it is often our experience that valuable plant optimisation ideas are generated during the process. Dialogue with saw operators and maintenance crew is therefore an important prerequisite for achieving the best results and subsequent knowledge embedment in the workforce.

A sporting challenge

As we achieve results, we strive for higher levels of performance – much like a pit-stop team in Formula 1 racing. We are motivated by constant challenges from customers to achieve improvements through process optimization.

This is the plan:


Since 2002, LUJA® Sawtech has significantly improved the operating profit of several European Resaw mills and Sawmills through production optimization.

The Luja optimization process results in shorter stoppages, longer sawblade runtime, a better end product, better utilization of raw materials and thus improved operating economy.

LUJA® Sawtech employs several patented tools and processes.
We produce and market Luja Bio-Oil, which is specially developed to lubricate bandsaws and planers.

Our export share is 98%, predominantly to Sweden, Norway and the UK.