Varberg Timber

Investment paid off quickly

Luja delivers Luja Bio-Oil, service and repair work for three band saws to the Swedish resaw mill Varberg Timber. This cooperation became a reality because of a number of recommendations.

Mikael Person has been the production manager at Varberg Timber for about 10 years. Before this, he worked in the production, which means that he knows the Swedish resaw mill inside and out.

He tells us that he sees his work as a challenge and likes to keep several balls in the air.
One of those balls is the resaw mill's band saws and for this job, he chose Luja as his cooperation and sparring partner.

Since 2005, Luja has been delivering service and repair work for the resaw mill's band saws and most recently, they have also started using the Luja Bio oil. The production manager is very satisfied with Luja.

- This cooperation has lead to better cut surfaces for us. At the same time, our saws now run to the best of their ability and they are much more reliable now compared to earlier, he say.

He thinks that Luja's strength lies in a deep interest in the work and the band saws combined with a general wish to help customers become more efficient in their production.

varberg timber case

Certainly, Mikael Persson has no doubt that his expectations to this cooperation have been met.

- Our investment in Luja has paid off in a very short time. The saw now delivers much more accurate products and we utilize the raw material much better, we have finer surfaces and our band saws just generally work better, he says.

Started with recommendations

varberg timber case mikael

Mikael Persson has had high expectations to the cooperation right from the beginning, because Luja had been recommended to him from several others in the trade.

He was hoping for a great cooperation, good support and well-functioning service.

- And that's exactly what the outcome was, he says.

For the very same reaons, Mikael Persson is not looking for a new supplier.

- Luja is doing a great job on our band saws and I couldn't ask for anything to be different. Actually, Søren Luja just needs to keep doing what he is doing, Mikael Persson says.

He is happy to recommend his band saw specialist to others.

- I am very satisfied with our cooperation, which is why I would like to recommend Luja to others in the wood industry. Luja delivers well executed work and great optimization of the band saws.

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Varberg Timber is a Swedish, family-owned planing mill with approx. 45 employees.

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The planing mill has been privately run since 1950 and the company is divided into two parts: Planing mill & roof construction and a timber merchant.

Varberg Timber produces panels, floors, trusses and treated wood.

The annual turnover is approx. 200m Swedish kroner and some of the major markets are Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In addition, Varberg Timber has a fair amount of export to Japan and other parts of Europe.

Since 2011, the planing mill has disposed of Sweden's most state-of-the-art treatment facility with a capacity of 65,000 m³ with just one operator.

The work that Luja A/S performed:

Varberg Timber has two Waco BKL Single saws and one Waco BKW twin saw, which Luja has serviced through several years.

Our first tasks were to re-crown the wheels, re-build the blade guide and align the saw lines. Ever since then, we have performed minor cons, for example of the feeding mechanism.

During our time of cooperation, we have been given the opportunity of testing ideas on the large saw in cooperation with the company's staff, which has provided us with a great chance to improve and develop our processes.

Interested in optimizing production?

We offer our customers three different solution models that match their individual need for involvement: Project, Service Solution og Premium Solution.