Derome Såg

“The best in Sweden on band saws”

Derome Såg is so pleased with its cooperation with Luja that they would actually like to keep it as a trade secret. The feed speed has increased by 30% and the number of production stops has dropped.

The Derome Group is Sweden's largest family-owned wood company, which since 1947 has dealt with the entire process from forest to finished house.

Derome Timber includes 3 sawmills, where the timber is processed from planing to proofing.
One of the sawmills is Derome Såg near Varberg. This sawmill is actually the foundation for the rest of the Derome Group, as it all started here.

Feed speed increased and fewer production stops

Derome Såg has chosen Luja to renovate and update a band saw from 1987.

This has resulted in a considerably improved feed speed, says Stefan Holmkvist, supervisor at Derome Såg.

Derome såg case

Actually, the feed speed has increased by as much as 30% and we see fewer production stops.

Stefan Holmkvist explains that they would have had to buy a new band saw if they hadn't received help from Luja.

derome såg case

LUJA was recommended to us

Stefan Holmkvist explains that a colleague in the trade recommended Luja to him.
- Later, we met owner Søren Luja Hansen at a fair. We told about our saw and talked to Søren about possible solutions. He had number of great ideas and suggestions for improvements.

So in 2006, Derome Såg chose to start cooperating with Luja, which has been a great success.

My only concern was the language as Søren is Danish. But he has worked a lot in Sweden and is really easy to understand.

Blade guides improved

- Our cooperation with Luja has resulted in higher production levels and fewer stops. Blade guides have been improved and we do not need to sharpen the blade as often anymore.

- I do not think that anyone in Sweden can match Søren Luja's work with the band saws. When he says he can, it's true.
Luja is very skilled in terms of mechanical improvements on the band saws and the investment has paid off.

Stefan Holmkvist is not really too happy to recommend Luja to others;

Well, you know, you don't want to share your trade secrets with the competition, he says with a smile.

We would like to keep Luja to ourselves.

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The carpenter Karl Andersson founded the sawmill Derome Såg in Varberg in 1947 with just one circular saw, which he had bought the year before.

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In the mid 50s, he invested in his first planer and in the early 60s, he opened up a timber merchant.
In 1965, he built a new saw and his 4 sons joined the business.
In 1973, they added another saw line and in 1974 a new planing mill.
In 1990, the saw line that they use today was added.

The development continued and in 1996, they added a new planing line plus a sorting line and in 2001, the planing mill was renovated.
Approx 50% of the production is exported, mostly to England and as the sawmill is situated very close to the motorway as well as Varberg Port, Sweden's largest port for shipment of wood, all the conditions for export are present.

Derome Såg's most important product is machine-sorted wood for construction, but the sawmill also offers a wide range of other wooden products.
Today, Derome Såg is one of the leading sawmills in the western part of Sweden.

The work that Luja A/S performed:

Luja has visited Derome Såg on two occasions to work on their Canali TB1250 single saw. On the first occasion, we rebuilt the blade guide, mounted a new lubrication/scraping system and oil dosing system as well as completed cnc re-crowning and alignment of the saw.

During our second visit, we renovated the machine table and mounted new electrically driven feeding cassettes.

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