VIDA Urshult

Better quality and increased production

The Swedish sawmill Vida Urshult has worked with Luja since 2006.
The result is better quality and increased production.

Vida AB is Sweden's largest privately owned sawmill with 1100 employees in 17 different production facilities. Vida Urshult is one of 7 sawmills in the group and production manager Anders Eriksson is very satisfied with the cooperation with Luja.

They have been working together since 2006 and during that time, the sawmill has witnessed an improvement in the quality of the finished product and the production rates have gone up.

- Compared to the numbers at Luja's first visit, our production has increased somewhere between 5 and 10%, says Anders Eriksson.

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Service on 10 band saws

Luja services Vida Urshult's 10 band saws. In addition, Luja has installed a lubrication system and the sawmill uses Luja Bio oil. In total, this means that band saw production now runs more smoothly and that the quality of the finished products has increased.

We have been working together since 2006 and Anders Eriksson is pleased with his decision.

- I was not satisfied with our previous solution. We had too many expensive stops and we constantly had to work on the saws. We had to call the repair guy again and again, he says.

- I was introduced to Luja, who told me about their methods and they showed us what they were able to deliver. I trusted the owner Søren Luja Hansen and therefore, I invited him to show me what he could do.

Luja is a small-sized Danish company, but that did not worry Anders Eriksson.

- Actually, I feel that is an advantage to work with this size company. It is easier to get in touch and I talk directly to the guy, who is in charge and does the job. I am happy with that solution.

Vida Urshult portraet400 fewer saw blades

It was Andes Eriksson's expectation that the band saw output would improve considerably, as they started cooperating with Luja. His expectations were 100% satisfied.

- I wanted a better partner and I wanted our band saws to run smoothly all year around.

The fact that the lubrication system was replaced was also of great importance to Vida Urshult.

-We used to have a lot of interruptions due to blade replacements. Luja's lubrication system has helped us a lot in that matter.

- Actually, we have 400 fewer saw blade replacements a year now, he says.

When asked how Luja stands out, Anders Eriksson answers firmly:

- Luja has some ideas about band saw operation. And Søren Luja Hansen is not afraid to test his ideas. That makes a huge difference.

Cooperation with Luja has certainly been worth the investment for Vida Urshult.

- Production standstill is very expensive. We have saved a number of stops and increased production as well as gained a better product. I can certainly recommend Luja and have actually already done so.

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VIDA AB is Sweden's largest privately owned sawmill with 1100 employees in 17 different production facilities.

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The company produces a wide range of different products such as packaging and paper and also trades bio fuel.

Nearly 85% of the production is exported to Europe, USA and Asia.

Vida Urshult is one of 7 sawmills in the group with a total annual production of 155,000 m³ sawn timber a year.

The work that Luja A/S performed:

The main line at Vida Urshult has 10 AKE 245 saws, which Luja in cooperation with the company's own staff has been servicing since December 2006.

Among other things, we have performed alignement re-crowning, reconstruction of the blade guide and mounting of lubrication/scraping system and automatic oil dosing system.

All along, we have, in cooperation, developed and tested ideas for improvement of the operation of the tools and machinery.

Interested in optimizing production?

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