Blade lubrication

Luja has developed a lubrication system for band saws, which at a minimal use of oil provides a high degree of operational reliability and allows your machines to perform better.

Oil dosing

The correct mix is of crucial importance

Luja's blade lubrication system is highly recognized among our customers and other actors in the trade for its functionality, operational reliability and ability to keep wheels and blades clean and lubricated.

Correct lubrication reduces friction between the different parts of the machine and prevents deposits on the wheels.

The upside is a higher number of cut m³ of wood, less wear, fewer re-crownings of wheels and less use of tools.

Luja Blade lubrication

Your choice

To obtain the most stable oil dosing of your company can choose to use Luja's automatic or manual oil dosing system. In combination with Luja Bio-Oil and our lubrication/scraping system, this provides you with the best lubrication of band saws available on the market.

Automatic oil dosing system

Luja's oil dosing system is extremely reliable and operates with a logic control and a simple construction makes it easy to use. The system consists of a start module and a saw module.

This is how it works

During daily operation, simply start the saws and if needed adjust the oil quantity, depending on what you are cutting. Depending on the setup at the start module, drum or IBC container is replaced when the start module reports that it is empty.

The start module consists a pump that automatically pumps oil up to the lubrication units on the saw. The oil supply is under constant surveillance, which means that the system reports an error, when the oil expires, if the air supply fails or if there is a leak in the system.

The saw module works via a cycle control, which ensures that the correct amount of oil is released to all lubrication spots. The unit is connected to the drive motor and lubrication only takes place, when this motor is operating. The module reports an error, if the cycle is not completed as programmed or if lubrication fails.
All alarms are visible to the operator via a flashlight found at the top of each of the modules. This makes it easier to locate any errors or defects.

In practice, you only have to have focus on the system when it reports low oil level. Time saving and dependable!

Manual oil dosing system

The manual oil dosing system is an alternative to the automatic system, which we recommend to resaw mills that work with dry wood in a clean environment.
The oil is poured into a container and via dosing valves, the amount of oil can be adjusted for each of the lubrication spots.

This is a well-known and thoroughly tested method, but not as dependable as the automatic system.

Lubrication/scraping system

Our philosophy behind the development of this system is that proper lubrication reduces the amount of friction between the different parts of the machine and prevents deposits, resulting in increased feed speed and runtime on the sawblade. This solution has in recent years won considerable recognition among customers as well as other players in the industry.

With Luja's lubrication/scraping system, you will experience:

  • Fewer production stops and a more stable production
  • Reduced use of saw blades
  • Clean wheels and saw blades
  • Better lubrication
  • Fewer replacements of machine parts
  • Reduced noise level
  • More stable and durable machinery
Luja Blade lubrication

Different than other systems

Luja's lubrication/scraping system is different from other systems in a number of significant areas, e.g.:

  • Lower oil consumption compared to other systems in the market.
  • The return side of the saw blade is lubricated on the inside as well as the outside
  • The felt pads have a larger pressure surface, meaning the the oil is distributed better
  • Blade and wheel are cleaner, even at minimal oil consumption
  • The saw blades sits more steadily and stable on the wheel during production
  • All parts are visible providing better overview and easier maintenance and cleaning

All in all, increased productivity for your company...

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