Luja Blade Guide System™

Luja Sawtech is introducing the next generation of blade guides for bandsaws:
The Luja Blade Guide System™. A system which improves productivity, quality and the bottom line.

Luja Blade Guide System™

The Luja Blade Guide System™ represents a minor revolution in terms of the effective and precise guiding of bandsaw blades.

The patent-pending two-part system combines all the benefits of a large guide surface with the lowest possible friction. The result: Increased capacity and a better work environment.

The Luja Blade Guide System™ has been developed on the basis of extensive experience with optimising operations at sawmills in Scandinavia and the UK, and was fully developed and tested in operation in 2016 and 2017.

One of Sweden’s big sawmills is already reaping significant benefits with the Luja Blade Guide System™ on their bandsaws:

Welcome to the bandsaw blade guide system of the future!

Four key benefits of choosing the Luja Blade Guide System™

1: Increased productivity

The Luja Blade Guide System™ ensures your bandsaws run more stably.

The system’s two contact surfaces with air in between minimise bandsaw vibration and considerably reduce stress when the blade passes the blade guide. The result is longer operating times, increased feed speed and fewer unscheduled blade changes.

The wear parts – the guide strips – are made from a unique and specially developed, friction-reducing material. This results in operating times of up to 100 hours per side, and a 20-25 per cent lower operating temperature on the blade. It also offers the possibility of incorporating additional cooling and lubrication between the wear parts, which can be turned 2-4 times.

The Luja Blade Guide System™ has an additional scraper close to the upper guide surface, which removes large quantities of sap from the cut. This extends the operating time between wheel grinding and improves operating economy.

Luja Blade Guide System Tegning patent

2: Easy and simple maintenance

It’s easy and safe to replace worn strips, and the task only requires a screwdriver and a brief instruction the first time. In fact, it takes max. 60 seconds to replace or turn the wear parts. Moreover, the self-locking end plate ensures that the wear parts always remain in place.

A wear indicator clearly shows when it is time to replace or turn the wear parts. This eliminates all discussions about when the wear part needs to be replaced, and always ensures a very high degree of precision.

It takes no time at all to routinely check the Luja Blade Guide System™ in conjunction with replacing saw blades. Moreover, the system only requires a service inspection once a week. For a medium-sized sawmill, this usually equates to 4-5 repair/service hours a week.

3: Improved quality

The Luja Blade Guide System™ increases bandsaw blade stability and ensures more precise cuts. The system’s unique design also significantly reduces the risk of coating on the guide surfaces. Both factors are clearly reflected in the improved quality and output due to less vibration and a dimensional stability that is second to none.

All key parts of the Luja Blade Guide System™ carry the Luja name – even the wear parts. This is your guarantee that you always have the right parts.

4. Improved health and safety

The Luja Blade Guide System™ markedly reduces noise and vibrations in the production area, and this is usually welcomed as being a considerable relief for the production employees.

Sawmill employees are also spared having to mill hazardous composite materials, which otherwise constitute a significant risk to health.

Finally, the user avoids heavy and awkward lifts and hazardous situations in connection with servicing the machinery, as the Luja Blade Guide System™ remains in the saw while the 25-gram wear parts are replaced.

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