Feeding systems

The feeding system on a bandsaw is of the utmost importance for the result of the bandsaw product. It is therefore important that the feeding system ensures precise and stable steering of the wood through the bandsaw. The result is the finest end product and the best possible utilization of the raw material. In addition, the system contributes to longer running time on the saw blades and less waste.

Feeding cassettes

Feeding cassettes

Luja has developed our own feeding cassettes and machine tables for machines, where we cannot otherwise obtain an acceptable and stable feeding process.
In some instances, we can alter the components in the existing feeding systems to obtain the desired result and in other instances, we are forced to replace the entire system to reach the desired result.

Simple and robust constructions

  • To the extent possible, we only use standard wear parts
  • We construct with as few components as possible, which means a short spare parts list and longer life
  • We only use components of the very best quality
  • Our products are of a simple construction, solid and easy to grasp, which means easy maintenance and servicing

LF25-2B2F - 4 roller cassette

Our most popular cassette, which fits most types of bandsaws in sawmills and resaw mills

  • The cassette has 4 rollers, 2 flexible in the front end and 2 fixed in the rear end. This results in a unique ability to absorb obliquity in the wood and constantly control the wood in the cutting process, which means great utilization of the raw material and a very fine cut
  • The design of sprockets and rollers makes them very low-noise, easy to clean and fast to replace
  • The cassette is available as hydraulic or electrical version
  • This cassette is also used on machine table type LM01

LF30 - 3 roller cassette

This cassette is developed for smaller resaw mill saws such as Jonsered, Gullänget, Gullmec, Hymec, Waco BKL, Stenner etc., where the construction of the machine table is unable to carry the weight of our LF25 cassette.

  • This cassette has 3 fixed rollers, which means that any unevenness in the wood has to be absorbed by the machine table for the best possible control of the wood
  • The cassette is delivered as hydraulics version

LF55 - 6 roller cassette

This cassette has been developed for larger-scale raw saws in sawmills. Focus is on controlling the wood as it is being cut to obtain the highest possible degree of precision and utilization of the raw material.

  • There are 6 rollers in each cassette Rollers 1+2 are slightly recessed to only function as support and guide. Rollers 3-6 are in line, but interrupted by a section, where the saw blade can be parked when not in operation.
  • The design is simple and strong to resist the forces in raw wood cutting and the simple construction makes it easy to service
  • The cassette is available as hydraulic or electrical version
  • This cassette is also used on machine table type LM05

Machine tables

LM01 Machine table

The machine table model LM01 is our most flexible machine table and it is available with our without tilt function. The table is designed for use on different re-saws such as: Canali, AKE, Jonsered, Söderhamn etc.
The machine table is very compact, air-driven and with the option of fixed side and centering.
Cassette LF25-2B2F is used on this table.


  • Tilts from 0-45° (only possible on type LM01-MT)
  • Total width 911 (840) mm
  • Height to guide line 612/443 w/wo under-table
  • Depth wo. infeeding 600 mm
  • Depth w. infeeding 1135 mm
  • Fixed side/centering standard
  • Right/left version - decide when ordering
  • Control electricity and air (min. 6 bar)
  • Max. dimension W310 x H210 mm

LM05 Machine table

This machine table is developed for sawmills and has a very strong construction to resist the forces of high-speed cutting in raw wood.
The machine table is air-driven and with the option of parking position on cylinders.


  • Total width: 1200 mm
  • Height to guide line 520 mm
  • Depth wo. infeeding 810 mm
  • Depth w. infeeding 1310 mm
  • Fixed side/centering standard centering
  • Right/left version not available by centering
  • Center guide Chain conveyor driven with rollers
  • Pressure roller Optional built-in pressure roller in front of blade
  • Control electricity and air (min. 6 bar)
  • Max. dimension W300 x H350 mm

Contact Luja A/S

If you would like to know more about our feeding systems or whether your existing system can be upgraded, feel free to contact us for a non-committal talk about the possible solutions at +45 63 32 00 11.

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