We generate tangible results

With its complete knowledge and tool palette, Luja A/S helps Resaw mills and Sawmills using bandsaws achieve a healthy operating profit.


Our success is rooted in our range of patented tools and highly competent professional team.
We aim to be the industry’s strongest business partner in bandsaw optimization processes. We provide customized solutions, performed and serviced by a skilled and committed workforce.

Good sawblades are not enough!

We know that good sawblades are not enough to ensure optimal quality, productivity and operational reliability.
Good sawblades will never perform optimally if the machinery is in poor condition.
Luja is your “pit-stop team”, ensuring superior end quality and machine performance. By adopting a holistic view of the entire process and focusing on all individual factors affecting optimal operations, we are able to deliver measurable bottom line results for our customers.

Our work approach is uncompromising because we strive for perfection. Over the years, this approach has secured us the position of Northern Europe’s leading bandsaw optimization experts.

Welcome to Luja A/S


Since 2002, LUJA Sawtech has significantly improved the operating profit of several European Resaw mills and Sawmills through production optimization.

The Luja optimization process results in shorter stoppages, longer sawblade runtime, a better end product, better utilization of raw materials and thus improved operating economy.

LUJA Sawtech employs several patented tools and processes.
We produce and market Luja Bio-Oil, which is specially developed to lubricate bandsaws and planers.

Our export share is 98%, predominantly to Sweden, Norway and the UK.


“My goal is to set new production output standards. Do things better than our customers are used to and constantly strive towards improvement.”

Søren Luja Hansen, CEO