Luja has contributed to an increase in the production for several sawmills and resaw mills in Sweden Norway and Great Britain. We have developed our own concept for bandsaw technology based on an accumulated knowledge, which has given us the strongest and best skills in optimizing of bandsaws in Northern Europe.

That's easy for anyone to say. That is why we are proud to give the word to a number of our customers. In the left-hand menu, you can find a list of cases in which customers openly share their experience of working with Luja Sawtech. Enjoy!

Customers about LUJA Sawtech:

“It is a job extremely well done. Luja has also followed up afterwards. They have been precise, and they have delivered what they promised. Luja is not just sales talk – they actually supply what they say they are going to.”
Kristian Hasås, Hasås - Read the case

“Luja is extremely good at identifying the little details that make a difference. This is not something we have ever experienced to anything like the same extent with other suppliers – and it has made a real difference.”
Stein Stensløkken Eriksen, Moelven Østerdalsbruket - Read the case

“We have 400 fewer saw blade replacements a year now.”
Anders Eriksson, Vida Urshult - Read the case

“Luja lubrication system is the most future-proof and state-of-the-art solution.”
Kjell Nybakke, Begna Bruk - Read the case

“The feed speed has been increased by 20% and we have halved our consumption of saw blades on the saw.”
Brian Pugh, Pontrilas Sawmills - Read the case

”We have a better flow in production, which simply runs more reliably now. We also have fewer problems with the saw blade, it doesn’t crack or snake anymore.”
Øyvind Løvåsen, Moelven Trysil AS - Read the case

“I didn’t know that our band saw could run so well. I have previously had problems with snake sawing because of vibrations in the blade but all these problems have disappeared now.”
Lars Bønøgård, Stangeskovene - Read the case

“Luja grinded the wheels on the saw and mounted reinforcement and better blade guides. The result was far better than what we had dared hope for.”
Anders Josefsson, Lida Timber - Read the case

“Our investment in Luja has paid off in a very short time. The saw now delivers much more accurate products and we utilize the raw material much better, we have finer surfaces and our band saws just generally work better.”
Mikael Persson, Varberg Timber - Read the case