Too good to be true

The Norwegian resaw mill Stangeskovene did not quite believe that Luja would be able to deliver as promised. But they did and today, where Luja has the privilege of delivering a number of upgrades and solutions to the resaw mill, they are more than satisfied.

If you are the owner of a band saw, cooperating with Luja will most likely be beneficial for you.

This is the opinion of Lars Bønøgård from the Norwegian planing mill Stangeskovene, Bjørnstad Bruk, and he is very happy with the different upgrades and products delivered by Luja. The two companies started cooperating in 2008.

Lars Bønøgård was a bit apprehensive in the beginning. He was nervous whether Luja would be able to deliver as promised, which among other things was a considerable improvement in the feed speed.

- But I haven’t had any problems with saw ever since. It has almost been too good to be true, he admits.

- So when Søren Luja says something, it holds water. He knows what he’s talking about, says Lars Bønøgård.

Stangeskovene case

Increased speed

Stangeskovene case

Luja was recommended to Stangeskovene by one of their suppliers, which is how they got in touch with the Danish company.

- Luja is very straight forward and professional. Søren Luja says what can do and at first glance, it may seem as a bit much. I was apprehensive as to whether he could deliver as he said when he claimed that he would be able to increase the speed that much.

- But it turned out to be true and our saw now runs at 68 m/min. He kept his promise. It has really been an absolutely great experience.
Luja has renovated a saw completely and the Danish company has also delivered a new feeder, electric control, Luja Bio-Oil and several other products to the resaw mill.

A great partnership

In addition to the speed, Lars Bønøgård also sees several other advantages in the cooperation.

- I didn’t know that our band saw could run so well. I have previously had problems with snake sawing because of vibrations in the blade but all these problems have disappeared now, he says.

- There is no doubt that my expectations to the cooperation have been met. It has been the greatest partnership, actually I couldn’t ask for more.

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Stangeskovene produces high-quality construction materials to professional trade customers in the central, southern and eastern parts of Norway.

Stangeskovene logo

The raw material (spruce and pine) are from the finest forest districts in Norway and Sweden.

The company was founded in 1899 by Niels Anker Stang, but already several hundreds of years earlier, the family was involved in forestry and wood trading in the area. Later the different activities were merged in one company.

From the beginning, Niels Anker Stang had a long-range perspective on forest policy as well as staff strategy and this mind-set has been the core of the company throughout later generations and managers in the company. Today, the company covers everything from forestry to property, sawmill, planing mill and timber merchant activities.

The work that Luja A/S performed:

Luja has upgraded and rebuilt a Canali TB1100 Twin on-site. We have, among other things, replaced bearings, re-crowned the wheels, built a new blade guide and mounted new lubrication/scraping system and oil dosing system.

The entire feeding mechanism has been changed, the blade tensioning has been changed, the positioning has been equipped with electrical operation and we have delivered new control panels for the saw.

Luja has coordinated the general contract and commissioning.

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