Correctly controlled feeding of the raw material before and after encountering the bandsaw or circularsaw blade is the precondition for full utilization of the raw material and the best possible operational economy on the saw line.

Precise alignment boosts performance

If machine parts coming into contact with the raw material as it passes through the saw line are not correctly aligned, the raw material is not utilized optimally and the line is exposed to needless wear and tear.

Using sophisticated measuring and specially designed laser equipment, Luja performs geometric measurement and precise alignment of saws and saw lines. Alignment is carried out by our skilled technicians who are experts at fine-tuning the individual links in a chain of factors which together create our unique operational result.

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The result

When carried out with the proper equipment and know-how, correct alignment of the saw lines offers several specific advantages:

  • Less wear on tools and process machinery.
  • Fewer production stops = increased runtime.
  • Better utilization of the raw material.
  • The best possible end product.
  • Higher level of operational reliability.
  • Reduced energy consumption.
  • Possibly higher speed on the line.

We carry out:

  • Alignment of bandsaw lines and bandsaws
  • Alignment of circularsaw lines
  • Alignment of large CNC processing units (metal and wood)
  • Measurement of large fixtures
  • Measurement of workpieces if customers require an impartial workpiece report.
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