Increased productivity


Optimizing - Resaw mills

Our focus areas for Resaw mills are:

  • The best possible utilisation of the raw material 
  • Capacity and productivity
  • Avoidance of unscheduled blade changes
  • Fewer operational interruptions
  • More running hours between major service stops
  • Higher accessibility and achievable runtime

We offer three types of service package to Sawmills, to match the needs we have observed in the industry:
Project - Upgrade and installation projects.
Service Solution - Service agreement under which Luja performs service at fixed intervals.

ProjectService Solution

We also offer a number of products to support or optimise production using bandsaws.

Welcome to Luja

If you are considering upgrading your production plant or need service for your saws, you are welcome to contact us. The earlier in the process we are involved, the greater the benefit you will receive from our expertise.

Optimering - Høvlerier

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