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March 2016

Moelven Østerdalsbruket and Luja take safety standards to a new level

We spent much of 2015 working at Moelven Østerdalsbruket to reduce the number of breakdowns and the dangerous situations that arose as a result of cracks in the bandsaw blades.

Another of the sawmill’s objectives was to cut 50 mm rather than 38 mm side boards,
which required upgrading the process on all seven of their bandsaws.

We checked the entire saw line and realigned all the saws and lines, installed a new
lubrication system and a new oil dosing system, and re-crowning and balancing the
wheels were also on the job list.

The results are now evident in the form of significantly reduced oil consumption, improved output and lower noise levels in production. The work was concluded in December 2015,
and we are very proud of the fact that, since then, there has been no blade snapping at all. Previously, there were about 30-40 blades a year.

The work was carried out in cooperation with the company’s own technicians, who did
a very good and thorough job. For us, it has been great that our efforts have helped to
improve safety standards on the production machinery so that the employees feel safer
using it.

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