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March 2015

Södra initiates collaboration with Luja Sawtech

Södra indgår samarbejde med Luja Sawtech

Södra Wood is one of Sweden’s biggest sawmill groups with revenue of approx.
SEK 5.5 billion and about 1,500 employees.

The department in Traryd in southern Sweden mainly works with hardwoods,
and there have been problems for many years because of unstable saw operations.
The tools were often damaged when they were removed from the machines, and
the blade supplier generally had problems maintaining the sawblades in a good

After thoroughly analysing the factors and possible solutions, Södra chose Luja
Sawtech as its partner for upgrading the twin saws in the saw line. We completed
a comprehensive project which involved alignment, rebuilding, wheel grinding and
balancing, lubrication system,  oil dosing system and tools as well as optimising
the work routines at the facility.

The result is greatly improved accessibility and longer tool run time, which is now
consistently 40 hours unless the tools strike a nail or stone. The blade supplier says:
“On a scale of 1 to 5, our previous assessment of the saw would have been a low 1.
Now our evaluation is between 4 and 5!”

We are grateful for Södra for placing their faith in us, and we are looking forward to
 further satisfactory and mutually beneficial cooperation in future!

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