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April 2015

Eidskog Stangeskovene and Luja Sawtech swim against
the current trend

Eidskog Stangeskovene  og Luja Sawtech går imod tidens trend

Today, the trend for many resaw mills is to use a paint cutter in the planer in order to
produce cladding with a uniform surface. However, is this extra raw material
consumption necessary? At our new Norwegian customer Eidskog Stangeskovene,
they don’t think so at all.

In collaboration with Luja Sawtech, they have therefore upgraded their Waco BKW
bandsaw out of a desire to increase from 60 to 90 metres a minute while minimising
their raw material consumption. We have trimmed the saw, carried out wheel alignment,
renovated the feeding mechanism and the lubrication system as well as optimising
working routines – all with a view to increasing the speed and finding the right tooth
profile for their production to achieve a finished surface directly from the bandsaw
without using the paint cutter.

Welcome to Eidskog Stangeskovene – thank you for placing your faith in us and we
look forward to working together in future.

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