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October 2015

Good growth in sales of LUJA Bio-Oil

God vækst i salget af LUJA Bio-OilTM

At Luja Sawtech, we have seen stable and positive growth in oil sales since we
first launched our own blend in 2002. For the first few years, we took delivery in
IBC tanks and manually mixed the products to create LUJA Bio-Oil. After five to
six years, it grew into a small tanker-load and a slightly more automated process.
Today, we have approx. 40,000 litres of oil delivered every three months, and have
thus achieved annual sales close to 160,000 litres. We are rather proud of this
achievement, in particular because we are up against players such as Statoil and
Shell etc. yet still being chosen as a supplier. Basically, LUJA Bio-Oil SH02 is
better for long-term operations.

Many thanks to all our customers for choosing our product.

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