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Below you can read short selected news items and stories from Luja A/S.
Here you will find the latest news on development projects, exciting orders, alternative
task solutions and internal development – in short, everything that makes us proud
and assures us a dynamic workplace.


December 2016

Moelven Østerdalsbruket and Hasås talk about their collaboration
with Luja

Hasås - Moelven Østerdalsbruket cases
It is always much more interesting to hear what customers have to say in their own words rather than us talking about what we do.

We therefore asked two of our Norwegian customers – Moelven Østerdalsbruket AS
and Hasås AS – to each describe how they have experienced working with Luja Sawtech,
and what the benefits have been. This has resulted in two interesting cases, presented

» Safety second to none at Moelven Østerdalsbruket
» Hasås: Fewer production stops and better quality

September 2016

Luja revolutionises saw blade control

Luja Blade Guide System

New patent pending saw blade guide system ensures less bending stress and reduced
friction for the saw blade and thus lower operating costs.

Increased capacity, increased precision and a safer working environment are just some
of the features of the Luja® Blade Guide System, which was recently presented at the
Wood Products & Technology trade fair in Gothenburg, Sweden, where it attracted
considerable interest from our customers and business partners.

To solve the problems frequently experienced by our customers with blade guides, in
2015 Luja’s owner Søren Luja Hansen set about developing a brand new type of blade
guide. In it, he has combined all the advantages of a large guide surface with the
lowest possible friction.

The result is the Luja® Blade Guide System: A unique two-part system with guide strips
that provide maximum stability and minimum heat development.

The guide strips can be replaced quickly and without the use of tools – while the operator avoids being exposed to the hazardous health risks associated with traditional milling of
the fibre material. The result – increased capacity, greater precision and a safer working environment.

The Luja® Blade Guide System has been patent pended and successfully tested in the field in
2016, and is now ready to be rolled out at our customers. Because of the very low
operating costs and the many operator hours which are freed up each week, we have
very high hopes for the new system. 

Read more about the Luja® Blade Guide System here, or call us to hear more about
the possibilities of installing the new concept in your production.

September 2016

Luja Sawtech had a great trade fair

Trä & Teknik 2014

This year we were really looking forward to seeing customers and business
partners at the Trä & Teknik (Wood Products & Technology) trade fair in

This was largely because we were keen to unveil a brand new product for guiding saw
blades: the Luja® Blade Guide System – a concept which minimises bending stress and
friction on the bandsaw blade. 
We experienced a huge amount of interest in and acknowledgement for the product, and returned home with lots of promising leads, people who were keen to learn more and
whom we are looking forward to meeting in the autumn.
Also, the trade fair confirmed that optimism and increased earnings have returned to the industry, and that Luja Sawtech has built up a strong position in the market with its
solutions and products.

On the stand, we repeated the successful ‘bar circuit’, where visitors could test their speed
and driving skills against one another to achieve the fastest lap times and perhaps have
their revenge after 2014. There were numerous highly charged duels, lots of laughs and
high excitement, and it contributed to the good and friendly mood on the stand. 

Team Luja Sawtech would like to thank everyone for participating – and we look forward
to seeing you at the machines :-)

» See more pictures from the fair here.

March 2016

Moelven Østerdalsbruket and Luja take safety standards to a new level

We spent much of 2015 working at Moelven Østerdalsbruket to reduce the number of breakdowns and the dangerous situations that arose as a result of cracks in the bandsaw blades.

Another of the sawmill’s objectives was to cut 50 mm rather than 38 mm side boards,
which required upgrading the process on all seven of their bandsaws.

We checked the entire saw line and realigned all the saws and lines, installed a new
lubrication system and a new oil dosing system, and re-crowning and balancing the
wheels were also on the job list.

The results are now evident in the form of significantly reduced oil consumption, improved output and lower noise levels in production. The work was concluded in December 2015,
and we are very proud of the fact that, since then, there has been no blade snapping at all. Previously, there were about 30-40 blades a year.

The work was carried out in cooperation with the company’s own technicians, who did
a very good and thorough job. For us, it has been great that our efforts have helped to
improve safety standards on the production machinery so that the employees feel safer
using it.

» See gallery


October 2015

Good growth in sales of LUJA Bio-Oil

God vækst i salget af LUJA Bio-OilTM

At Luja Sawtech, we have seen stable and positive growth in oil sales since we
first launched our own blend in 2002. For the first few years, we took delivery in
IBC tanks and manually mixed the products to create LUJA Bio-Oil. After five to
six years, it grew into a small tanker-load and a slightly more automated process.
Today, we have approx. 40,000 litres of oil delivered every three months, and have
thus achieved annual sales close to 160,000 litres. We are rather proud of this
achievement, in particular because we are up against players such as Statoil and
Shell etc. yet still being chosen as a supplier. Basically, LUJA Bio-Oil SH02 is
better for long-term operations.

Many thanks to all our customers for choosing our product.

» Read more about LUJA Bio-Oil here.


June 2015

We support those who make a difference

Vi støtter dem, der gør en forskel

At Luja Sawtech, we want to support those who help other people in difficult

We have therefore decided to support the national charity collection Danmarks
Indsamling 2015 and the two charities Danish Hospital Clowns and Families of
Children with Cancer, thus showing our deepest respect and humility for their
impressive work.

May 2015

Moelven Østerdalsbruket signs key agreement with Luja Sawtech
with focus on safety

Moelven Østerdalsbruket indgår stor aftale med Luja Sawtech med fokus på sikkerheden

With an objective of cutting 50 mm side boards instead of 38 mm boards as
previously, we have entered into an agreement with Moelven Østerdalsbruket
on upgrading the processes relating to their seven bandsaws. The agreement
was signed after a lengthy dialogue on the solution model for the upgrade as
well as a reference visit to one of our other customers in Sweden.

Among other things, we have been asked to install BC400 automatic blade
tracking to ensure that they are always positioned correctly during operation.
We will also look at alignment, rebuilding, wheel grinding and balancing,
lubrication system, oil dosing system and tools as well as optimising the
work routines at the facility. The results are expected to be significantly
higher accessibility, fewer production stops, longer tool run times, increased
productivity as well as a higher quality end product.

Another important focus area at Moelven Østerdalsbruket is to restore the
flagging confidence in safety levels, a situation brought on by production
problems, and to minimise the considerable noise annoyance in production.

Thank you for your trust – we look forward to getting started!

April 2015

Eidskog Stangeskovene and Luja Sawtech swim against
the current trend

Eidskog Stangeskovene  og Luja Sawtech går imod tidens trend

Today, the trend for many resaw mills is to use a paint cutter in the planer in order to
produce cladding with a uniform surface. However, is this extra raw material
consumption necessary? At our new Norwegian customer Eidskog Stangeskovene,
they don’t think so at all.

In collaboration with Luja Sawtech, they have therefore upgraded their Waco BKW
bandsaw out of a desire to increase from 60 to 90 metres a minute while minimising
their raw material consumption. We have trimmed the saw, carried out wheel alignment,
renovated the feeding mechanism and the lubrication system as well as optimising
working routines – all with a view to increasing the speed and finding the right tooth
profile for their production to achieve a finished surface directly from the bandsaw
without using the paint cutter.

Welcome to Eidskog Stangeskovene – thank you for placing your faith in us and we
look forward to working together in future.

» Read more about optimising planers here. 


March 2015

Södra initiates collaboration with Luja Sawtech

Södra indgår samarbejde med Luja Sawtech

Södra Wood is one of Sweden’s biggest sawmill groups with revenue of approx.
SEK 5.5 billion and about 1,500 employees.

The department in Traryd in southern Sweden mainly works with hardwoods,
and there have been problems for many years because of unstable saw operations.
The tools were often damaged when they were removed from the machines, and
the blade supplier generally had problems maintaining the sawblades in a good

After thoroughly analysing the factors and possible solutions, Södra chose Luja
Sawtech as its partner for upgrading the twin saws in the saw line. We completed
a comprehensive project which involved alignment, rebuilding, wheel grinding and
balancing, lubrication system,  oil dosing system and tools as well as optimising
the work routines at the facility.

The result is greatly improved accessibility and longer tool run time, which is now
consistently 40 hours unless the tools strike a nail or stone. The blade supplier says:
“On a scale of 1 to 5, our previous assessment of the saw would have been a low 1.
Now our evaluation is between 4 and 5!”

We are grateful for Södra for placing their faith in us, and we are looking forward to
 further satisfactory and mutually beneficial cooperation in future!

» Read more about the Luja product programme here.

February 2015

Moelven Trysil AS invests in the industry’s most reliable
oil dosing system

Moelven Trysil AS investerer i branchens mest driftssikre oliedoseringsanlæg

Our customer Moelven Trysil has faced the same challenge as many other resaw
mills: The machines are so well enclosed because of regulatory safety requirements
that it is difficult to check the manual oil dosing system during operation, resulting in
too many costly breakdowns.

Moelven Trysil chose to solve the problem with an automatic oil dosing system from
Luja Sawtech which has been installed on the bandsaws as well as on the planers.
Adapting the system so it also covered the planer was new for both parties, but after
several months it has proved to be the perfect solution. The dosing modules are now
placed on the walkways, making it easy for the operators to adjust oil quantities during
operation depending on the material being resawed or planed.

We are grateful for the good cooperation, and very pleased that operations at the
Moelven Trysil plant are now more stable.

» Read more about our blade lubrication solutions here.


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