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Fewer production stops and better quality

For the past 10 years, Hasås resaw mill has been collaborating with LUJA Sawtech with excellent results. The latest project was a major refurbishment of the feeding mechanism.

Kristian HasåsBetter quality and fewer production stops – a dream scenario for most mills; yet it was a dream come true for Hasås after all its wishes were fulfilled thanks to LUJA Sawtech, recounts Kristian Hasås, production manager at Hasås, a resaw mill in Norway. He represents the third generation in this family-owned business.

- I’m extremely satisfied. There is nothing to fault with LUJA’s work. There is no other firm that knows as much about the saws as they do.  

First collaboration

Today, Kristian handles the contact with LUJA Sawtech, but that has not always been the case. When the cooperation with LUJA started back in 2005, Kristian’s father Yngvar Hasås made the calls.

Back then, the work centred on the mill’s Stenner resaw, which was not sufficiently stable in operation. It was extensively renovated with blade guides, blade lubrication and alignment. The fens were also renovated, while the funnel and dust-extraction system were rebuilt.

The renovation produced good results, and the saw has run smoothly ever since with only minor adjustments required. 
In 2014, however, LUJA was called in to carry out a new big job at the Norwegian mill’s resaw. 


Major rebuild

HasåsWhen wood is fed into a bandsaw, ideally it needs to be fed in evenly and stably for optimum results.

- We had previously experienced problems with the fens, and it needed attention. 

- LUJA therefore carried out a major rebuild which has resulted in a smoother feed-in and an improved cut. At the same time, we also rebuilt the machine table so that it can be operated more precisely.

Derome Anneberg

LUJA replaced the old feeding cassettes with LF25 cassettes which are electrically driven. This has resulted in a more uniform operation, which at the end of the day produces the best results.

- It is a job extremely well done. LUJA has also followed up afterwards. They have been precise, and they have delivered what they promised. LUJA is not just sales talk – they actually supply what they say they are going to.

- Thanks to the new table and cassettes, we have seen far fewer production stops and errors because everything runs so much better, says Kristian Hasås.

Good results

HasåsKristian Hasås is very satisfied with LUJA’s role, and he’s happy to recommend the company. Not that he thinks it’s necessary.

- It’s a small industry, so when you deliver as promised with good results, the word spreads.

- LUJA clearly has the expertise at its fingertips to find solutions. They look at the saw and the challenges the customer faces, and then develop and adapt the solutions accordingly. 

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Derome Såg
"The feed speed has increased by 30% and the number of  production stops has dropped."


Hasås is a family-owned business which was established in 1957 as a traditional sawmill. 

The company grew steadily, and since the mid-1990s has been solely engaged in planing and resawing.

In 2004 Hasås added surface treatment to its range of services, and today treats approx. 3.8 million metres of wood every year, for example interior and exterior  panelling.

Hasås boasts a state-of-the-art production facility, which produces a wide range of products on two production lines. One of the lines handles large production runs, while the other handles special profiles and dimensions. 

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The work that Luja A/S performed

Hasås has a Stenner VHF105 twin saw which we have rebuilt several times over the years. The first major rebuild took place when we first started working together. We rebuilt the blade guides and the dust-extraction system, installed a new system for lubricating and cleaning the wheels and blade, and re-crowned the wheels and adjusted the saw lines.  

In 2014, we fitted a Luja feeding mechanism with four rollers and an electric drive, and also renovated/modified the machine table so it is simpler to service and maintain in good condition during daily operation. Today, the saw is a lot simpler and service-friendly, making it much easier for the operator to do his job well around the machine.


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