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New blade guide system saves time and money

Increased capacity, greater precision and improved health and safety are just some of the positive benefits of the Luja Blade Guide System™.

It is one thing to come up with something new on the drawing board – but quite another to find out whether it functions in practice. Both Søren Luja from Luja Sawtech and Anders Eriksson from VIDA Urshult AB are all too aware of this fact.

So when developing a new blade guide system, it was clear to Søren Luja that it needed to be tested on site to achieve the perfect result. The finishing touches had to be made at the sawmill.

VIDA AB is Sweden’s biggest privately-owned sawmill with 1,100 employees at 17 production facilities. VIDA Urshult is one of seven sawmills in the group, producing 160,000 cubic metres of wood a year.

Anders Eriksson from VIDA Urshult has been closely involved in the process of developing the new system – the Luja Blade Guide System – which is patent-pending.

More stable operation
VIDA Urshult operates 10 saws, which run for about 76 hours a week. For a period, one of the saws in Group 1 had the new blade guide system fitted. However, it was soon fitted to an additional saw, and has now been running for two years with positive results.

“We’re seeing very good results with the new system. There is greater stabilityin the cut, as the saw blade is stabler on the pulleys and runs more smoothly. This has a very positive impact on capacity, as we don’t have to make as many measurements and adjustments,” says Anders Eriksson.
The new two-part system has guide strips that ensure stability and minimal heat development.

“The increased stability means that the saw blade is only able to move very slightly in a lateral direction. The blade is just a lot more stable when the saw is in operation,” he adds.

Replace once a week
The guide strips can be replaced quickly and without the use of special tools. All you have to do is remove the end plate and slide out the two fibre strips before either flipping them over or replacing them and resuming operations.

“Previously, the guide block had to be replaced once a day. With the new system we are down to once a week, and we could probably run for longer if we really wanted to. The fibre strips can be flipped four times in all, so the same set will last four weeks.

This saves many hours, because it took a lot of time to replace and grind down the blocks on the old system. According to our estimates, it cuts the time spent by 75 percent.”

Healthier for operators
With the new system, the operator avoids being exposed to the hazardous health risks associated with the traditional milling of the fibre material which is used to make the blocks.
The new system is patent-pending, and at VIDA Urshult, there is no doubt that they will continue with the system. It provides enhanced stability of the cutting surface because the blade passes more smoothly over the guide strips, in addition to which the saw blade is not subjected to as much friction, resulting in more reliable operations and greater capacity – and improved health and safety conditions.
“It has been very interesting to be involved in the process, and we will definitely be keeping the new system. It can sometimes be difficult to adapt to new methods, for both us and our operators, but we’re very satisfied with the result,” says Anders Eriksson in conclusion.

Following the test period, VIDA Urshult AB has decided to keep the Luja Blade Guide System, and has also ordered the system for the rest of the saws at the sawmill.

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