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Moelven Østerdalsbruket

Triple the operating time for each guide strip

Moelven Østerdalsbruket AS has been testing the Luja Blade Guide System for the past year. The results from the test have been so positive that production manager Stein Eriksen wants to install the system on all the saws in future.


Moelven Østerdalsbruket AS

Moelven Østerdalsbruket AS er et Moelven Østerdalsbruket A/S is a Norwegian sawmill with a resaw mill. The sawmill has been testing the new Luja Blade Guide System for the past year.

The Luja Blade Guide System™ is a unique two-part system with guide strips that provide maximum stability and minimum heat development. The guide strips can be replaced quickly and without the use of tools.

The testing at Østerdalsbruket was so promising that its production manager Stein Eriksen is now recommending the product to anyone who operates a bandsaw. He is well aware that it is quite bold to make such a recommendation, but he has only praise for the product.

“In our experience, we don’t have to change our guide strips nearly as often as before. In fact, the interval between each change is about three times as long. This saves us considerable time,” he says.

“At the same time, it’s also much faster to change the guide strips. It’s easy for the operator to learn what to do, and it takes just two minutes to complete the procedure. It’s so simple that you can’t go wrong,” says Stein Eriksen.

Due to be installed on all saws at Østerdalsbruket
Moelven Østerdalsbruket A/S has tested the system on several of its saws, but it has primarily been tested in Group 1.

“This is where we have seen the greatest effect, but we would like to have the system on all our saws before long,” says the production manager.
The system has also had an impact on noise levels, which have fallen significantly.

“A few years ago, we carried out a major rebuild and modernisation of our saws in collaboration with Luja, so our production is already running at a high level of productivity and efficiency. But we’re very pleased with the Luja Blade Guide System,” he says, adding: “The control strips are a little thicker, and this provides a bit more stability.”

Recommends for all bandsaws
Another advantage of the Luja Blade Guide System is that the operators no longer have to mill hazardous composite materials.

At Østerdalsbruket, they had stopped doing this in connection with the latest modernisation, but for those still using this method, Stein Erikson has some good advice:

“I’d strongly recommend that you change to the Luja system if you’re still cutting composite. But in fact, I would recommend their blade guide system for everyone who has a bandsaw,” he says.

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Moelven Østerdalsbruket

Production manager Stein Eriksen, Moelven Østerdals-bruket AS

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